Even when Freddie is at her most alienated and resistant towards her birth culture, she seems able to lose herself in the music of the country. In one memorable scene set in a casual Seoul club, she escapes the pressures of social interaction, of being defined and defining herself, to dance by herself; the scene lingers, as Freddie closes her eyes and is able to be herself.

THE LIGHT WE CARRY: overcoming in uncertain times

In these frequently dark times, The Light We Carry feels like a hug from a trusted advisor and a good friend. As Michelle Obama writes, “The practice I’ve had in finding and appreciating the light inside other people has become perhaps my most valuable tool for overcoming uncertainty and . . . keeping my hopefulness intact.”


The unique and dramatic landscapes of Lanzarote have provided the backdrop for a number of famous films. The island has also proven an  ideal location for numerous fashion shoots, ad campaigns and even idents for TV stations such as Euro Sport – who filmed a tennis match on top of an old house in Teguise – a few years ago.

DOLLY goes a rockin´!

“I’ve always wanted to do the song ‘Satisfaction,'” said Parton. “That’s one of my husband’s favorite songs. And I may have to drag Mick [Jagger]’s guys up there to help me sing it.


Meanwhile, if artists can´t make ends meet by going out on the road, and if you can´t make ends meet to be be to afford to buy tickets for the few artists who are touring,. there is always the radio.


I’ve been made aware that there’s some controversy about signatures on some of my recent artwork prints and on a limited edition of Philosophy Of Modern Song. I’ve hand-signed each and every art print over the yearsand there’s never been a problem.

CHRISTINE McVIE was a Perfect presence

McVie benefitted from Buckingham’s help. Her songs on Fleetwood Mac had a snap and clarity they’d never had before.

BRIDGET BAZILE: star of gospel

Although the other trio member did not take a sole spot, she nevertheless gave a ´can´t take your eyes off her´ kind of performance, all a solo finger-clicking, hand-clapping, foot-stamping, tambourine shaking tour de force as she sang her heart out to The Lord.In fact tour de force is a phrase that was appropriate from the very first number, This Little Light Of Mine, in which Bridgit, with a beautiful voice that soared to opera levels and at times fell to  a prayerful whisper, played constantly with the tempo, creating all sorts of dynamics.


The head of the Centers said that these extractions were intended to be carried out with absolute discretion for health and democratic hygiene. "We cannot be accomplices of this monument to political corruption or stand idly by before two figures of someone denounced for having enriched themselves at the expense of INALSA. We can not give a letter of nature to a shameful behavior for the island and for the Tourist Centers, "explained the CEO of the Entity, Benjamin Perdomo.

gliding serenely over SWAN LAKE

The International Ballet, though, had delivered  of excellence that I´m sure that the ballet-buffs in the audience would have admired but even for we, who usually listen to the Beatles and The Byrds And The Beach Boys humming,  this was a wonderful, unforgettable evening.