Taking this imaginary journey has led me along the back roads, by the rivers of my memory, with Rochdale ever gentle on my mind, and encouraged me to subscribe to the I Love Manchester (left) newsletter. The arts scene of Oldham, Rochdale, Bury and Bolton seems, in fact, healthier than when I left it, notwithstanding the sadness about the Oldham Coliseum. The area could have no stronger and has working champions Steve Cooke and all his cookies, producing so much positivity all across the arts from behind the scenes.


There is something mystical and magical and medieval about the streets of this town that was once the capital of the island, with its churches and convents and large houses and a castle dominating its horizon. Only a few years ago my wife, Dutton the Button, and I witnessed street gang fights, in the pitch black of night illuminated only by the lit clock at the top of the church tower
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Ángeles Portana (left) was born to be an artist. Like a tree, she grew up with roots within a family of great masters, whose works are in great museums such as the Prada Museum.Ángeles has participated in multiple exhibitions in Spain. She has achieved recognition of professional prestige, Gold Medal, Europe Forum 2001 in Madrid, and her works have sold in many countries U.S.A., France andGermany

NAMES FALL OUT IN COVERSATION when Bob Dylan talks to Wall St. Journal

Coronation Street, Father Brown, and some early Twilight Zones´, he said of the TV shows he binge-watches. ´I know they’re old-fashioned, but they make me feel at home. I’m no fan of packaged programs or news shows. I never watch anything foul-smelling or evil. Nothing disgusting´

MOVING ON from the been and gone

At the beginning of the year we saw the concerts of The Government of the Canary Islands presentation in the 38th Canary Islands Music Festival, in January of 2022, and we can assure you that in the first of month of 2023 we will deliver, to Lanzarote Information, our reviews, for consideration, of the six concerts that comprise the 39th edition of this prestigious world-class Festival. (rest assured we will also differently editorialise those pieces for Sidetracks in Detours !!)


The head of the Centers said that these extractions were intended to be carried out with absolute discretion for health and democratic hygiene. "We cannot be accomplices of this monument to political corruption or stand idly by before two figures of someone denounced for having enriched themselves at the expense of INALSA. We can not give a letter of nature to a shameful behavior for the island and for the Tourist Centers, "explained the CEO of the Entity, Benjamin Perdomo.

for poetry, music and gospel follow THAT BRIGHT STAR

Bridget Bazile released an album entitled “Sometimes I Feel…”. And in January 2017, she completed her tenth year, multi-city solo performance tour across Spain and France. It is her mission to promote and keep alive the richly deep and unique musical heritage of African-American music and culture. 

DOING THE SPACEWALK as astronauts land on Lanzarote

Whether or not you view Man´s exploration of Space as Enterprise (a great name for star-ship !) or encroachment (which might be just as appropriate a name) the NASA trainees are acclimatising here on Lanzarote.  So we might here some strange sounds form our lunar-lookalike lava fields. Those sounds might be of a Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band member howling at the moon, or of an urban spaceman calling occupants of inter-planetary, most extraordinary craft.


I´m told stepping into The Stoller Hall is like nowhere you have ever been before. Built in 2017, (two years I had retired here to  Lanzarote) the Hall has been specially engineered to provide a totally immersive experience. Designed as a box within a box, the performance space has very low noise levels and a variable acoustic system, which means audiences can truly hear, feel and almost see the music. 
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Endlessly inventive, intimate, and provocative, this memoir-in-essays is a celebration of the strange and exquisite state of falling in love, whether with a painting or a person, that interweaves incisive commentary on modern life, feminism, art and sex with the author's own experiences of obsession, heartbreak, and past trauma......A Pop  Song, indeed