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Amazingly dates for next year´s 2024 festival have just been already announced and Festival Of Chichester aspires to the stars, and will be will once again proudly present  both local and international performers of the highest calibre
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON weekend walkabout Sunday Supplement 17

as a culture, we are bizarrely obsessed with the “truth” behind our favourite fictions, ever desperate to unpick inspirations, infiltrations, author’s disguises, and yes, muses—though whether this is a particularly useful way to evaluate art or not is up for debate.

Sidetracks And Detours PASS IT ON weekly walkabout volume 15 Sunday 27th August 2023

There has been an artists' group in Rochdale for 80 years; Rochdale Artists was formed in 1987. Its objectives are to advance the education of anyone living or working in the Metropolitan Borough of Rochdale or the surrounding area, particularly in the field of the visual arts. The group welcomes new members of any experience and ability and currently includes members ranging from professionals to beginners.
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Sidetracks And Detours PASS IT ON weekly walkabout volume 14

At the party held in the La Aurora center in which several generations of fishermen and fishermen's families came together, and Raquel Rodríguez already said that in Playa Blanca "it is difficult to find families of a lifetime that are not or have not been related with the more than sacrificed productive, artisanal and sustainable activity key in the development of the town, on which some thirty families of the town continue to depend directly" , in addition to the added value that "fishing represents for the restaurant and tourism sector local and insular". 

PASS IT ON volume thirteen

However confused and confusing this review might be,  I feel sure that this level of confusion is what Malkovich sought to create.  That he succeeded so gloriously and completely is what made the event so dizzying and mystifying. Had I stopped every exiting viewer on their way out to describe in one word what we had just witnessed, I feel I might have heard 600 different words offered. My own word? Genius !

6th August 2023 sidetracks and detours weekend walkabout. PASS IT ON volume 12

As our Sidetracks And Detours daily blog celebrated its fourth birthday last week, we were busy getting its three month old baby washed and dressed to take out in his pram as we have done for the past eleven weeks. So welcome to the new generation of Sidetracks & Detours and please say hello to Pass It On. We start today off with a great plaet of Hot Biscuits as Steve Bewick tell us of his Jazz on Air and then we bring you theatre news from Steve Cooke, and his latest reports from Manchester International Music Festival and Dr. Joe Dawson tells us all about the organists´ day trip to Leeds. Peter Pearson shows us all points forward with a look at tribute songs and Norman Warwick´s Island Insight is about All The Fun Of The Fair


So we have been pleased to recently launch our Pass It On Weekly Walkabout supplement

Sidetracks And Detours Weekend Walkabout Volume 11: PASS IT ON

In Find Your Eyes Benji Reid has transmuted his personal vulnerabilities into stunning art.