Sidetracks & Detours present PASS IT ON 48 walkabout Supplement 14 4 2024

a fine house and museum in memory of a fine ands important writer

Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 47 Sunday Supplement 7 4 2024

One day last week, when I had been reading a piece about how The Grateful Dead are inspiring rock musicians today, I received an e mail from an old friend. Steve Bewick is a radio presenter of a weekly jazz programme, Hot Biscuits, in the UK. He often carries news we send him of live music events here on the island and as a regular visitor to us knows that we enjoy a plethora of live classical music events here. His e mail included a link to a podcast speaking about how the music of Bach, even today, still influences the current jazz scene.

Sidetracks & Detours present PASS IT ON 46 Sunday Weekly Supplement 31 3 2024

Gales and high seas played havoc with the arts scene here on Lanzarote, but fortunatley our reporters ion the UIk have plenty of good news you are sure to enjoy.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 45 Sunday supplement 24th March 2024

Thanks for turning to us in your search for arts- related news, previews, profiles, interviews and reviews. Today we look at how artists seek the right art space in which to create, We  preview an Easter Production of Jungle Book taking place close to such an art space in the UK. We also bing live jazz lkistings and news of Jazz on Air.

Sidetracks And Detours Present PASS IT ON 44 weekly walkabout Supplement 17 3 2024

Steve Cooke makes an impassioned commendation of the benefits of allowing creative arts to help people find their way to integrate with the wider community. At the time that Steve makes his well-considered case, with plenty of relevant examples, the funding to the arts in general in the UK has been severely cut.
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This April Heywood will be holding its first very own Horror Convention
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Sidetracks & Detours present PASS IT ON 42 Sunday Supplement 3 3 2024

Roger Trend writes the complex in a simple enough manner to make any floating reader want to study geology and visit these mountains that changed the nature of our island around four hundred years ago.

Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 41 Sunday Supplement 25 2 2024

an enticing book review from Michael Higgins, live Jazz previewed and reviewed by Trevor Bannister of Jazz In Reading, and we have found a place for poetry and we caran invitation from Claudie, one of our favouirite artists reminding us that ´home is where the art is´! Peter Pearson sets us off with a simple motion and then Norman Warwick ponders his presidential make-over
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Sidetracks and Detours present PASS IT ON 40 Sunday Supplement 18 2 2024

In the album liner notes Darrell Scott says " My wish is for you to slow down for 52 minutes. I believe there is pure beauty here. These songs are perfect examples of song as literature. Ben's songs are timeless. I loved getting right in the middle of these songs and offering my best. These are great songs: period."