DOING THE SPACEWALK as astronauts land on Lanzarote

Whether or not you view Man´s exploration of Space as Enterprise (a great name for star-ship !) or encroachment (which might be just as appropriate a name) the NASA trainees are acclimatising here on Lanzarote.  So we might here some strange sounds form our lunar-lookalike lava fields. Those sounds might be of a Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band member howling at the moon, or of an urban spaceman calling occupants of inter-planetary, most extraordinary craft.


I´m told stepping into The Stoller Hall is like nowhere you have ever been before. Built in 2017, (two years I had retired here to  Lanzarote) the Hall has been specially engineered to provide a totally immersive experience. Designed as a box within a box, the performance space has very low noise levels and a variable acoustic system, which means audiences can truly hear, feel and almost see the music. 
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Endlessly inventive, intimate, and provocative, this memoir-in-essays is a celebration of the strange and exquisite state of falling in love, whether with a painting or a person, that interweaves incisive commentary on modern life, feminism, art and sex with the author's own experiences of obsession, heartbreak, and past trauma......A Pop  Song, indeed


It is imperative that we support our authors and poets - many of whom are under direct or indirect threat from extremist states, groups, and individuals - a recent example being the assault on Salman Rushdie

ARTists ARTiculating ART

The Sidetracks And Detours management team is  eager to fly soon to mainland Spain to see The Adsubian Gallery. which is top of our list of places to visit. We are already enchanted by web site photographs of the gallery and its charming, village setting. The Gallery keeps us informed of their events, from exhibitions to workshops to arts courses


London had never seen anything quite like the brothers Kray, the sadistic twins who ran a protection empire and palled around with cafe society.

all across the arts  Right Round Rochdale (2)

On one particular Burns Night event, attended by all the Lord Mayors and Lady Mayoresses and several other dignitaries of Greater Manchester, I and a dozen practitioners from the writing group I facilitated in the Borough overcame that acoustic difficulty by stomping around that same Hall proclaiming I Will Walk Five Hundred Miles until, finally, the gold-chained audience joined in our chanting conga line.By then they had drank enough to be convinced we were reciting a lesser known piece by Burns himself.

when my musical fix gave me PUMPED UP KICKS

shootings have continued to happen, and I feel like there are so many people that have been touched, either personally or by proxy, by a mass shooting in this country—and that song has become almost a trigger of something painful they might have experienced.

all across the arts, RIGHT ROUND ROCHDALE, guided by Steve Cooke

All Across The Arts is delighted to learn that Cartwheel Arts has been awarded £20,000 in funding from The Garfield Weston Foundation to help the Heywood-based charity continue delivering Art for a Reason, its programme of high-quality participatory arts projects delivered to generate social change.


Lately, in conversation with journalist Norman Warwick, I recalled my recent visit to Florence where, I viewed on the Uffizi Gallery crowded pavement, the displayed replica/copy statue of the original  David by Michelangelo. Thanks to the fine art degree educated guide, I learned something momentous, provocative and mind-altering about the beauty in the naked human form.