POESIA CORPORAL  BY LANZAROTE ARTIST a body of work by Adriyana Hodge

Being restlessly intrigued is part of the DNA of many artists, and even so soon after the success of last year´s publication, Adriyana has taken the work a few steps further down sidetracks & detours, with some of the photographs now being included, along with newer work in an exhibition called Secret Places Of Lanzarote.

THE MUSIC MAKERS and a sense of poetry

t is not necessary, I think, to understand poetry to understand the poem. To those who do understand them it might well be that metres and word origins, and scant rhyme might add to the enjoyment of the poem but most of us would understand the depiction (which they may or may not agree with) of the role chosen by, or imposed upon, the artist in society.
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There are reasons I remember and treasure the song, so well, though and those reasons include a black and white (I´m sure) American movie and one of my favourite movies stars, who to add to all this confusion, apparently never actually said on screen the phrased he became indelibly associated with of  ´ýou, you dirty rat´ whilst pointing a gun at someone.

POETRY AND MUSIC a force of nature

With sometimes as many as four great instrumentaliss on the stage the music delivered tonight was brilliantly but tenderly played. No showmanship, no one-upmanship. Duende, like Jools Holland, conducted all this almost invisibly. He seemed to be a character comfortable working amongst this musical excellence, sure in the knowledge that his writing and performing fit in perfectly.


the capacity poetry has, as a genre, to create cultural sparks with even the slimmest of collections means that for every deserving title we might manage to highlight here, a dozen more might have been swapped in.
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Lanzarote Creative Writing Group, meanwhile, continues to fulfil exercises in genres such as flash fiction and generally create pieces of 500 to 1,500 words. I remember from my time with the group, too, that there was nothing to frighten the horses. Prospective members can be frightened off by technical literary terms but the remit of the group is to, first and foremost, simply enjoy putting pen to paper.
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Of course, it is not only poetry that academics might have us measure to within an inch of its life.

POETRY FORMS and #NaPoWriMo from The Vixen Of Verse

I am going back to short form poetry. I am going back to haikus, tankas, shadormas and triolets.

MAKING DARKNESS LIGHT: The Lives And Times Of John Milton

William Blake claimed Milton was ‘of the Devil’s party without knowing it’.


Jack Gilbert suggests that love — the most intense and wide ranging emotion human beings are capable of experiencing — might be the most challenging to describe in words. It’s ironic how Gilbert acknowledges the imperfection of language with a poem that is perfection in itself.