ONE ARTIST´S VIEW: Seamus Kelly shares his vision

On 2nd August a brand new project was launched in Littleborough, the brainchild of artist, and writer, Liz White, who realised that many older people and people with visual impairments are not able to access poetry. Based in Hare Hill House I delivered a series of 6 two hour workshops using the Park, House, Littleborough and their history for inspiration.

Lanzarote Poetry Festival 2023 VERSOS, VOLCANOES Y VIENTO (Spanish edition)

Encontramos un lugar para sentarnos y escuchar mientras los veinte poetas invitados leían cada uno un poema, con el tema del título del festival Versos, Volcanes y Vientos. A lo largo del concierto fui dudando cada vez más de mis derechos para estar en esta compañía. Comencé a preocuparme de que el poema que había seleccionado podría no ser tan apropiado como podría haber esperado. Escuché palabras que no podía entender ya que los poemas en español estaban todos bellamente leídos. Cada lector produjo un ritmo suave y una cadencia cuidadosa y entregó su trabajo con el respeto que merecía. No parecía nada salvaje aquí, (¿cómo podría haber allí en el paraíso?) pero, sin embargo, se hizo referencia al cambio climático y las necesidades sociales.

Lanzarote Poetry Festival 2023: VERSOS, VOLCANOES Y VIENTO

The first thing that struck me, (if we don´t count that lightning a few years ago) was the politeness, the courtesy and the attentiveness of the people around the square. It was typical of Canarian good manners, with audience members properly listening, and my fellow poets also paying me the courtesy of listening to the words. That is a long way from the sound of pints being served and slurped,  tills clanging, and the barmaid shouting ´time gentlemen, please´ just before I was due to read, all of which was part of soundtrack to many readings in  England.

VERSES, VOLCANOES AND WIND: exclusive interview with poet Mercedes Minguela

the poem always helps the poet to know himself every day a little more and his readers probably too.


Porque la poesía es belleza que humaniza el mundo y me hace parar y mirar hacia dentro. Por ello cada día disfruto mucho más leyendo y escribiendo poesía


“In Yaiza we have a program of artistic performances to promote culture and also to revitalize shopping and tourist areas and thus help boost commerce. Now we have had the opportunity and the confidence of the Sunset Canarias Festival and here we have been able to please our people and the people of Lanzarote”, .Sunset Festival is a commitment of the Government Of The Canary Islands And The Federation Of Hotel and Tourism Entrepreneurs of Las Palmas with the support of the Yaiza City Council. 

POESIA CORPORAL  BY LANZAROTE ARTIST a body of work by Adriyana Hodge

Being restlessly intrigued is part of the DNA of many artists, and even so soon after the success of last year´s publication, Adriyana has taken the work a few steps further down sidetracks & detours, with some of the photographs now being included, along with newer work in an exhibition called Secret Places Of Lanzarote.

THE MUSIC MAKERS and a sense of poetry

t is not necessary, I think, to understand poetry to understand the poem. To those who do understand them it might well be that metres and word origins, and scant rhyme might add to the enjoyment of the poem but most of us would understand the depiction (which they may or may not agree with) of the role chosen by, or imposed upon, the artist in society.
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There are reasons I remember and treasure the song, so well, though and those reasons include a black and white (I´m sure) American movie and one of my favourite movies stars, who to add to all this confusion, apparently never actually said on screen the phrased he became indelibly associated with of  ´ýou, you dirty rat´ whilst pointing a gun at someone.

POETRY AND MUSIC a force of nature

With sometimes as many as four great instrumentaliss on the stage the music delivered tonight was brilliantly but tenderly played. No showmanship, no one-upmanship. Duende, like Jools Holland, conducted all this almost invisibly. He seemed to be a character comfortable working amongst this musical excellence, sure in the knowledge that his writing and performing fit in perfectly.