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I found Difficult Women  very easy to read, which is not something I can always claim when reading about Feminism. The book has been described in other place as witty, hilarious, rigorous, unforgettable and devastating.
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SUMMER PAGE-TURNERS: books for the beach

And I will read, and probably leave until last to do so, a book called Naomi Judd, a book that has perhaps been published in haste, talking about the recent death of Naomi Judd, the mother half of my favourite country female duo The Judds. We reported on this in an article called on 25th May in The Judds: A Tragedy Of Our Times, which you can find in our easy to negotiate archives containing more than 650 arts related features.

DIAMONDS IN THE ROUGH: the gemology of Shawn Colvin

Colvin was recognized for her career accomplishments when she was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Trailblazer Award at the 2016 Americana Honors and Awards Show. Presenting her with this prestigious award was Bonnie Raitt, who said Said Raitt, ´She’s simply one of the best singers I’ve ever heard — and a truly gifted and deep songwriter and guitarist… She was ground-breaking when she emerged and continues to inspire me and the legions of fans and other singer/songwriters coming up in her wake´.

MIKE GARRY; a poet who  knows Mens´ Mournings

I have seen Mike Garry (right) working with students in both primary and secondary schools and have watched him work to the very point of inciting a riot and them creating a thoughtful silence, a period of reflection from the class.
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At first glance Jerry looked like a record executive stereotype, with slightly greying black hair, mustache and goatee, and black-rimmed glasses (which he was constantly exchanging, and peering over the top of), but a closer look at his “mod” dress (turtleneck sweater/shirts with his jackets) and his distinct New York accent (Washington Heights) laced with musicians’ slang, and there was no mistaking that the man you were talking to was the head of Atlantic’s A&R.


A remarkable range of activity by young writers, from Yorùbá Opera (left) to new play-writing, has been inspired by Wole’s work as a theatre director and teacher.


Dyer´s caustic wit enables him to slice and dice and get away even before the blood has begun to seep out.

MORE THAN A BOOKSHOP: Kelsall And Sons, Littleborough UK

The shelves already include subjects such as poetry, literature, natural history, transport and sport itself, with children´s books, too, being often bought at auctions.


ONE WORLD ONE CHANCE Norman Warwick learns about a new publication of poetry. A huge replica of planet Earth appeared in Rochdale at the end of last year when the internationally renowned Gaia installation was available to visit at Number…
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LARRY YASKIEL is the keeper of all the stories

You see, meeting up with Larry and Liz is about so much more than Puerto Callero and coffee and cake: it is about cochineal and culture and Chichester and continuity. He might be The Keeper Of All The Stories but he is a benevolent bookmark forall who are willing to read and carry forward and re-locate the stories he keeps.