THE FIFTY BEST OF JAZZ before the fifty best of jazz

The Dead Sea Scroll of jazz piano. (Literally a scroll; a generation of pianists learned the song from its player-piano roll.) Johnson’s performance of his self-composed rag codified the Harlem “stride” flavor of syncopation, ornamentation, and improvisation. It inspired Duke Ellington, Bud Powell, and Jaki Byard; in the likes of Jason Moran and Christian Sands, its spirit lives on today


And for us in the audience, those mechanical skills make us more comfortable during their most daring escapades. Because we know that every note choice is intentional and accurate, we can trust that the artistic logic will reveal itself. And when it does—even far beyond the boundary of the familiar and expected—that can be thrilling.
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There are reasons I remember and treasure the song, so well, though and those reasons include a black and white (I´m sure) American movie and one of my favourite movies stars, who to add to all this confusion, apparently never actually said on screen the phrased he became indelibly associated with of  ´ýou, you dirty rat´ whilst pointing a gun at someone.
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TRIP WITH TEGUEY around the towns and villages of Lanzarote

With the twenty one males of Teguey all dressed in cream trousers and white shirts, Ruyman in a fabulous green dress and Jose Manuel dressed similarly to the band, it was nevertheless the old fashioned multi-layered swirling skirts of the female dancers that really took the eye. Although I am never likely to be asked to replace Craig on the judge´s panel of Strictly, even I could detect the elegance and the grace these couples brought to what seemed to be traditional celebratory dance.

YUSAN JAZZ ENSEMBLE &  Avishai Cohen Ensemble

The set by Yusan was a pulsating hour of music that didn´t sound pieced together or ´fused´ in any way. Instead it ebbed and flowed and easily accommodated all the styles and influence these incrfedible musicians have brought to this ensemble.
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Dee had been impressed by the actors and characters of the black female singers in Elvis: The Movie , who were new names to her other than by reading them from her studies of Aretha Franklin. She had fully enjoyed Elvis; The Movie, though, Then, more or less simultaneously, we both said, ´So often, we only know half the story, don´t we´?


I think Cintia is right to speak of her work connecting with the´feeling of our people:¨ I would go further, though, and suggest that her works offer any tourist who can find the ´time to stand and stare´ might come to understand a little more of Lanzarote and Canary Island tradition and what life was like for previous gnerations here, before the planes brought the visitors here. Cintia´s installations speak of the dignity of the men who caught food out on an often volatile ocean, and she captures the quietude of the working men who wrote poetry too. and the competetiveness of the children who had to make their own sport and games on Lanzarote.


Rediscover one of life’s simplest joys – the sharing of live music in the glow of a campfire. Every summer, The Nest Collective gathers audiences in beautiful green spaces within cities to hear extraordinary music by artists from all over the world. In collaboration with The Nest Collective, English Folk Expo presents a July series of Campfire Clubs in Salford, Greater Manchester.  Find more details HERE.


The Brian Wilson-penned 1966 Beach Boys’ hit “God Only Knows” is McCartney’s favorite song, and “Silly Love Songs” has subtle references to it, sonically, with the multi-vocal parts and a horn section.

POETRY AND MUSIC a force of nature

With sometimes as many as four great instrumentaliss on the stage the music delivered tonight was brilliantly but tenderly played. No showmanship, no one-upmanship. Duende, like Jools Holland, conducted all this almost invisibly. He seemed to be a character comfortable working amongst this musical excellence, sure in the knowledge that his writing and performing fit in perfectly.