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As a distraction from all that we talked all the way home of the ´bendiness´ of the ballet dancers, the lightness of the leaps and how the lithe dancing of the adult members suddenly became delightful carefree skipping of the young dancers.
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American Heartbreak is my effort at trying to explain what being a 26-year-old man in America is like. There’s love, loss, revelry, resentment, and forgiveness all wrapped into one piece of work.”
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CONFERENCIA: Charla Desnudando las palabras:- Spanish Language Version

Solo quiero añadir que desde mi punto de vista la poesía nace desde la realidad, de la vida misma, a ras de suelo. Porque la vida misma, es toda poesía. Como diría el poeta y cantor Horacio Guarany: “si se calla el cantor (el o la poeta), calla la vida, porque la vida misma es toda un canto….”


Why do I call this lecture "Stripping the Words Bare"? I already commented in the last interview for the Biosfera TV Magazine, last September on the occasion of the presentation of the creative writing workshop of the same name, from my point of view: when the poet writes, he or she carries out a process in which the first step is to defoliate, *to bare the words, returning them to their purest state,  To dress them in the "clothes, ideas, feelings and emotions" of each author, or simply to let them be.
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ONE HARE ONE OWL: new album by Jenny Bray

I write my own lyrics and also have collections of poems written by friends, Brenda Kirk, Cheryl Baldi, Eric Hammer and Matt Kohut. I am inspired by their work. On this album I used Eric’s ‘Poem For Julia’. Sometimes lyrics also form after conversations I have had and a friend can influence a lyric, eg. ‘Alone To Write’.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 28 weekly walkabout Sunday Supplement

Inventive cuisine is the star of the biggest food and wine event in the Canary Islands. Follow these steps through the Festival Saborea Lanzarote and you’ll forever be part of this unique gastronomic culture in the world.
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THE MONKEES: Made In Hollywood

This absorbing new book...offers an intelligent, insightful look at the many factors that melded to create the Monkees phenomenon and the band's lasting impact.
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Zach Bryan is a prolific songwriter and enjoys performing, so he’ certainly has his career cut out for him he is well-positioned to continue challenging established fans and turning on new ones.
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SOUND ROOTS sounds right

Whilst there are limits to what a single organisation can do, what English Folk Expo, now Sound Roots, delivers is impressive. They have continually responded to what artists need in changing circumstances. The reality perhaps doesn’t match the expressed aspiration every time – as with diverse and non-English cultures in the festival – and there is an overemphasis on support for artists to work abroad. Still, a whole layer of folk artists and industry people have benefitted in multiple ways from their work