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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 33 weekly walkabout 31st  December 2023

SIDETRACKS AND DETOURS would like to thank all our readers for your support and interest in our not-for-profit blog. It is always good to hear from you, letting us know what you like about the magazine and to receive the congratulations from those of you who commented on our achieving our thousandth edition not long ago.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 28 weekly walkabout Sunday Supplement

Inventive cuisine is the star of the biggest food and wine event in the Canary Islands. Follow these steps through the Festival Saborea Lanzarote and you’ll forever be part of this unique gastronomic culture in the world.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON weekend walkabout Sunday Supplement 17

as a culture, we are bizarrely obsessed with the “truth” behind our favourite fictions, ever desperate to unpick inspirations, infiltrations, author’s disguises, and yes, muses—though whether this is a particularly useful way to evaluate art or not is up for debate.
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PASS IT ON: Sideetracks And Detours Weekly Walkabout Sunday 16th July 2023

There came to the stage a rock band of the likes I have never seen before.  Guitarists, percussion and keyboards and back line choral ensemble. The Line up was of men and women, young and old, and there were two or three solo vocalists and a musical director on stage, too.
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atmospheric, mysterious and at the same time passionate.
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INVESTIGATING MURDER MOST FOUL: Part 2 Sidetracks &; Detours Dylan week with Steve Bewick &; Norman Warwick

INVESTIGATING MURDER MOST FOUL Norman Warwick & Steve Bewick examine the epic Dylan track It might seem surprising that the names of so many jazz artists have been brought in for questioning about a Murder Most Foul, the song in…
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THAT WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS By Norman Warwick Because of a recent hack-attack, we have a new e mail contact address of normanwarwick55@gmail.com where you can now contact us with any comments or enquiries or to submit for consideration…