I don't want much, I just want everything that comes with the beauty of living and to keep doing what I love.´

TOM T HALL: Keeper Of All The Stories

Tom T Hall had 30 top-20 country singles, including six #1’s, and he wrote nearly as many hits for other artists.


Jack Gilbert suggests that love — the most intense and wide ranging emotion human beings are capable of experiencing — might be the most challenging to describe in words. It’s ironic how Gilbert acknowledges the imperfection of language with a poem that is perfection in itself.


The Frost School of Music at the University of Miami is proud to present its extraordinary line-up for Frost Music Live with over 100 concerts and events happening in Coral Gables, Florida. You can choose from a selection of classical music to jazz and contemporary music to Frost Faculty Recitals and Lectures.

CONTRA LAS CEURDAS: but fighting back

Contra las Cuerda, translates roughly as against the ropes´, presumably as a comment on the covid fight.
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HOW JAZZ INFORMS POETRY (plus special news announcements)

Jazz poetry is a literary genre defined as poetry necessarily informed by jazz music—that is, poetry in which the poet responds to and writes about jazz.

MADELEINE PEYROUX: the epitome of jazz class.

she began her singing career on the streets of Paris as a dreamy busker (at the age of sixteen),


these artists, and hundreds of others, were names I later collected avidly, but usually retrospectively. It staggers me to think of what my everyday listening was in 1971, and that the album Delta Momma Blues by Townes Van Zandt at the time never even bleeped on my radar.

EARL SCRUGGS: Bach and Beethoven In One

He was the most influential banjo player there has ever been: he was banjo's Bach, Beethoven and Bob Dylan all rolled into one.

HOME FREE make their voices heard.

Home Free have revealed not only their seemingly effortless vocals and impressive harmonies but have also shown good taste in their song selection. There are superb You Tubes out there of them performing End of The Road, and the classic Man Of Constant Sorrow, a song much beloved by our own banjo playing son.