Jazz needs to maintain a vibrant dialogue with the popular music of the current day if it hopes to remain vital and not turn into a museum piece.

Knopfler´s Kronikles Part 3: BUNTING OUT FOR BASIL´S POETRY

Though some reviewers were exasperated by its difficulty, “Briggflatts” by Basil Bunting was received by most as a masterpiece, hailed as the successor to Pound’s “Cantos” and Eliot’s “Four Quartets” by such critics as Thom Gunn and Cyril Connolly.


I truly believe that Jimmy Cricket should be celebrated far and wide. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!


Manchester Music Festival returns for another season of world-class classical music! Season 49 will see the return of festival-favourite performers, but will also have some fresh faces and new experiences for audiences to enjoy. 


Both ! I grew up in Poland playing in the fields and watched my mother picking camomile or mint and make us a tea or a drink or a sauce. She would sometimes pick nettles and tell us to boil them to give us a beautiful hair. I grew up in a Poland in which we didn´t go running to the shops for everything. If we were hungry my brother and I would dig a carrot out of the earth, clean it up, and eat it raw ! That was our B12, the real thing, not a supplement. A carrot is your vitamin and mineral.

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Cheryl Wills, the granddaughter of a Gospel singer, at last shines a spotlight on these spectacular women of song

MANRIQUE: the musical + plus music from elsewhere

a new generation of island musicians adapted the music of Lanzarote to those Euro-pop traits to their own Spanish, Canarian, Lanzarotan and Latin American sounds. I swear we even had a Bo Diddley beat in one particular song and, too, a sample from an opera in another.

ISLAND IN THE SUN: remembering Harry Belafonte

“When you grow up, son,″ Belafonte remembered his mother telling him, “never go to bed at night knowing that there was something you could have done during the day to strike a blow against injustice and you didn’t do it.″

Knopfler Kronikles part 2: BERYL

Ken Capobianco in The Boston Globe: “Mark Knopfler does what he does best, delivering finely wrought, elegantly arranged songs of subtle depth and rich musicality, many extending past five minutes without overstaying their welcome.” The public concurred, sending Tracker to No.3 in the UK and No.1 in many other European countries, including Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway and Austria.