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Endlessly inventive, intimate, and provocative, this memoir-in-essays is a celebration of the strange and exquisite state of falling in love, whether with a painting or a person, that interweaves incisive commentary on modern life, feminism, art and sex with the author's own experiences of obsession, heartbreak, and past trauma......A Pop  Song, indeed
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THE KEY TO BEING,…… Productive

With his degrees in the humanities he has retained the ´different view´ that enables him to recognise and convey structures and relationships within organisations. It was in December 2010 that Dr. Bensmann was appointed honorary professor for communications and organisation development at The Osnabruck University Of Applied Sciences. He believes that, in addition to theoretical and methodology, appreciation and trust as the basis for successful support of individuals and organisations undertaking processes of change.
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There are reasons I remember and treasure the song, so well, though and those reasons include a black and white (I´m sure) American movie and one of my favourite movies stars, who to add to all this confusion, apparently never actually said on screen the phrased he became indelibly associated with of  ´ýou, you dirty rat´ whilst pointing a gun at someone.
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TRIP WITH TEGUEY around the towns and villages of Lanzarote

With the twenty one males of Teguey all dressed in cream trousers and white shirts, Ruyman in a fabulous green dress and Jose Manuel dressed similarly to the band, it was nevertheless the old fashioned multi-layered swirling skirts of the female dancers that really took the eye. Although I am never likely to be asked to replace Craig on the judge´s panel of Strictly, even I could detect the elegance and the grace these couples brought to what seemed to be traditional celebratory dance.
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Joy France regularly participates in rap battles in which opposing poets have ´cross words´ with each other, attempting to deliver an entertaining an exciting experience for the audience. She is now the resident poet at Affleck´s Palace in Manchester´s Northern Quarter
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Exclusive interview for Sidetracks And Detours: delivering APPLIED ARTS with Jeff Sleeman

I think my focus at the moment is on the library film, which is called Between The Lines and rolling that out on tour sometime in the summer.


So, at the end of a working day with the pigs I would cycle ten miles over to Gloucester, to spend an evening learning French with a student base, mainly, of florid, beautiful girls with their Cheltenham-style accents.


At a stage in the world´s orbit that sees our working environment and opportunities changing before our very eyes it is perhaps more vital than ever that those moving into the non-traditional workplace receive clearer guidance on how to create their own new self-support systems as the old ones begin to disappear.
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we celebrate our 500th Sidetracks and Detours post with TWO GUN TEX FROM TEXAS

Watch With Mother was the catch all title of five separate programmes, shown as one per day on the BBC for pre-school children throughout the week.

In Praise Of Those Who Teach

Dad was also at pains to remind me that he and Uncle Sid could both sing and had two voices that harmonised perfectly and that the (non-paying) pub audiences loved them.