One member in particular had a special, reason to take part in the concert, as she is constantly worrying about her family back in Ukraine.. She was sad no doubt, but very proud, that the choir was wearing blue sashes and the brilliant yellow sunflowers that symbolise Ukraine.. She is originally from the country´s Poltova region but was living in the city of Kyiv when she met her Spanish husband before he got a job here in Lanzarote, and the couple moved over here.That city they left behind is now horribly damaged, as we have seen on our tv reports. Natalia Tunik arrived on Lanzarote over ten years ago. Since the Russian invasion of her country she has been campaigning and fundraising to aid Ukraine, whilst taking poart in concerts like tonight´s over on mainland Spain as well.
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TAPES RECORDED ALONG THE TRAIL + bits & pieces; Adsubian Art Gallery, Ribble Valley Jazz & English Folk Expo

. By writing new music influenced by the roots music many of them listened, some of these musicians, Tom Russell, in particular perhaps, themselves became music-ethno-musicologists, taking music around and in so doing strengthened its flavour rather than diluted it- My memory of those times is of how Russell, Tom Paxton, Townes, Guy Clark, Bill Staines , Butch Hancock (and his Flatlander mate Jimmie and Joe) and Nanci Griffith too created new music and took it forwarded. I also remember, though, that all these artists in performance would explain to we in the audience the geographical and ethnic roots from which their own music had grown.

MARLENE BEWICK; meanders down Memory Lane

The voluntary sector was very strong in Rochdale and they too deserve massive credit for they work they did, of course

How we celebrated CANARY ISLANDS DAY

The lighting was angled in to  nooks and crannies around the square and up into the trees, and as the wind gently skittered the leaves and branches it was if we were looking up into the sky in a trippy, Beatle-esque magical Mystery tour kind of way.

a stage for all the world ON LANZAROTE

This was not, to be confused with the ofte insipid fusion music that often is distilled into a homogeny until it sounds like a root alcohol that has been watered down until it tastes like tea. No, this is the real thing, a raw, new sound celebrating its nationality and its people and its origins here in a safe place.

LIVE MUSIC BOUNCING BACK !??! by Norman Warwick

LIVE MUSIC BOUNCING BACK !??! wonders Norman Warwick Just to say a big, big thank you! began a brief e mail from the organisers of Ribble Valley Jazz And Blues Festival. That´s ok, I thought, what have I done? Then I realised this…


The beach boasts a recently re-built boardwalk-´style bridge that crosses the sand and strides out into the sea to a specially designed concrete ´´outpost, with handrails etc that facilitates safe diving (jumping in. It all serves a safe arena in which young guys can show off to their girlfriends ( before taking them back to the kiosk bar for a smoothie. At the right time of year and day and in the right conditions surfers from all over the island flock to the beach at Arrietta and stay out in the waves for hours before congregating in the evening to the kiosk bar, with its island beach music playing gently through the speakers as the sun goes down.

GONE FISHING instead of just a-wishing

With the tourist office vision of niche specialist holidays being part of the Lanzarote offer, this statue and others like it, could attract not only art groups from all over the world, but also, because of the Hemingway connection, book club members, and creative writing groups

MORE THAN A BOOKSHOP: Kelsall And Sons, Littleborough UK

The shelves already include subjects such as poetry, literature, natural history, transport and sport itself, with children´s books, too, being often bought at auctions.