TOM PAXTON: troubadour plus news of Ribble Valley Jazz And Blues Festival, 2022, starting today.

I also love, and listen to every day, When We Were Good and When You Shook Your Long Hair Down, all of which capture the moments that last forever in a life long love affair.


At first, Dylan’s record company was unhappy with the recording, both for its length and the electric feel. Dylan, until this point, was beloved for his folk, acoustic tracks, which often were heard as overt protest songs. Now, he was full-on rock ‘n’ roll, which then was not as viable for artists in the mainstream as was folk music.


Throughout the evening, with the three girls on the left hand side of the stage and the guys on the rights and the ´drummer´ back centre we were treated to the rhythms of the bossa nova, the salsa and the samba. Each of the singers, casually proved capable of taking lead vocals in their own unique way, whilst their colleagues delivered the orchestral parts through wordless voices.

MUSIC WIDER THAN A MILE Jazz from Monterey to Moon River

Reflecting its long-held commitment to diversity, the 2022 Monterey jazz festival festival features a wide range of female jazz artists including Artemis, Brandee Younger, Samara Joy, Melody Gardot, Kim Nalley, and Fleurine, as well as the MJF Women in Jazz Combo, led by bassist/vocalist/composer Katie Thiroux, and the Berklee Jazz and Gender Justice Group.

cello and piano of THE SVETA AND SLAVA DUO and news of forthcoming events in live classical and jazz music

Such is the human condition which the Rochdale Music Society can only try to give suitable musical expression to: and such is great art and great performances, which the Rochdale Music Society is committed to provide for the people of the Borough.

ITS ALRIGHT, ITS ONLY MUSIC ! from John Stewart to Amy Goddard

Sure, we’re not all Fireball-swiggin’, truck-drivin’ lovers of cut-off jeans, but the roots of country music were hardly built around the tropes that so often condemn it. Country music is actually rooted in Anglican song traditions, and over the years, the genre has been influenced by pop, rock, hip hop and more. While every album on this list won’t appeal to the same person, each record points to a subset of standout releases in a genre that’s as nuanced and as any other.´


The beach boasts a recently re-built boardwalk-´style bridge that crosses the sand and strides out into the sea to a specially designed concrete ´´outpost, with handrails etc that facilitates safe diving (jumping in. It all serves a safe arena in which young guys can show off to their girlfriends ( before taking them back to the kiosk bar for a smoothie. At the right time of year and day and in the right conditions surfers from all over the island flock to the beach at Arrietta and stay out in the waves for hours before congregating in the evening to the kiosk bar, with its island beach music playing gently through the speakers as the sun goes down.


Dyer´s caustic wit enables him to slice and dice and get away even before the blood has begun to seep out.

IAN TYSON still walks and talks with COWBOY PRIDE

The album titles give an idea of the direction of the songs within them: Cowboyography, Eighteen Inches of Rain, Old Corrals and Sagebrush.


the capacity poetry has, as a genre, to create cultural sparks with even the slimmest of collections means that for every deserving title we might manage to highlight here, a dozen more might have been swapped in.