Sidetracks & Detours

Sidetracks & Detours

We invite you to follow your art down our sidetracks and detours through the arts, as we walk the walk and talk the talk,  questioning what we see and hear. We will travel from Argentina to Zimbabwe and from Appalachian mountain music to Zumba rhythms.

We will watch  the circus roll into town and we will stroll around local art galleries. We will read poetry and prose and watch drama and dance. We will Lendanear to beautiful music and if we hear of something new we will pass it on.

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Friday 3rd December 2021

Regular readers will know of the love-hate relationship these pages like and loath with the notion of classification and categorisation of music (and other art forms). I, for instance, lose all interest if somebody responds to a question as to what kind of music they are into with a catch-all response of, ´ooh, all sorts really´ and yet I hate the terminology that might enable them to explain more specifically their particular tastes. In the days of record shops I preferred to travel from Manchester to Pen Y Cae in North Wales (a round trip of some eighty miles) to browse the ramshackle collections at the wonderfully independent and eccentric Ryan´s Music than to my well-signalled neatly niched and utterly bloody baffling HMV in Bury, only two miles from my home. Still come follow your art down Sidetracks & Detours to hear the great artists who have been nominated in categories you have probably never heard of to be presented at the music industry´s biggest bash of the year.