Sidetracks & Detours

Sidetracks & Detours

We invite you to follow your art down our sidetracks and detours through the arts, as we walk the walk and talk the talk,  questioning what we see and hear. We will travel from Argentina to Zimbabwe and from Appalachian mountain music to Zumba rhythms.

We will watch  the circus roll into town and we will stroll around local art galleries. We will read poetry and prose and watch drama and dance. We will Lendanear to beautiful music and if we hear of something new we will pass it on.

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Friday 15th October 2021

Serendipity has ensured that we able to follow some archive material on country singer-write Kasey Musgraves with a reasoned review of her current album. So, come follow your art down sidetracks & detours to where a star-crossed but feisty girl has released an album that comes to terms with her divorce, by delivering a collection full of great new material. So, come follow your art through sidetracks & detours to lear what it is to be star.crossed.