HALLE (broken) LUJAH can make us feel whole again

Hallelujah is about the struggle between having human desire and searching for spiritual wisdom. It’s being caught between those two places.

GONE FISHING instead of just a-wishing

With the tourist office vision of niche specialist holidays being part of the Lanzarote offer, this statue and others like it, could attract not only art groups from all over the world, but also, because of the Hemingway connection, book club members, and creative writing groups

MORE THAN A BOOKSHOP: Kelsall And Sons, Littleborough UK

The shelves already include subjects such as poetry, literature, natural history, transport and sport itself, with children´s books, too, being often bought at auctions.

MICKEY NEWBURY: songs from the soul

The songwriter´s obligation then is the intellectual one of determining whether the song he has written will help someone or hurt someone.


Exbury Gardens, a beautiful setting in the New Forest in the UK, re-opened to the general public a few weeks ago and its management team is delighted to report that record numbers of visitors came along to enjoy the spring sunshine over the Mother's Day weekend. Crowds turned up to share the spectacular colours of early spring against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

HERE´S ONE I MADE (well, cut and pasted) EARLIER

Of course, it is not only titles like The Book Of Days or the search engine equivalent that can pump a writer´s juices because all aspiring writers should be, and many established writers are, already, familiar with the huge benefits, to all types of writers, carried in a particular monthly magazine. I myself have been a subscriber for more than thirty years. Writing Magazine gives all sorts of tips from top writers to improve our creative writing skills but also offers pages and pages of sound business sense every month, and even helps us to network by sharing comprehensive lists of literary festivals and events and competitions. Writers, like my friend and Sidetracks And Detours reader Jenny Roche, keep an eye on what particular publishers are seeking and keep an eye on new trends and opportunities of publication, this offering subscribers, whether aspirant or established, new points of contact.


ONE WORLD ONE CHANCE Norman Warwick learns about a new publication of poetry. A huge replica of planet Earth appeared in Rochdale at the end of last year when the internationally renowned Gaia installation was available to visit at Number…

TINA MAY: flawless intonation and fresh, often bold delivery.

Whether fronting a small group or combining with other singers or indeed, appearing with a big band, Tina May brought musicality and creative zest to everything she did. To see her on a bandstand was to know that something rather wonderful was about to happen. And so it did. Irresistible, often profound but never over-wrought: her positivity shone through every time she sang.

CARMEN BOZA bowls us over

Her warmth and empathy with her audience was superb, and even with buttons, dials, knobs and sliders all around her she was able to set her backing tracks perfectly to a shu shus shush shaker track.
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LARRY YASKIEL is the keeper of all the stories

You see, meeting up with Larry and Liz is about so much more than Puerto Callero and coffee and cake: it is about cochineal and culture and Chichester and continuity. He might be The Keeper Of All The Stories but he is a benevolent bookmark forall who are willing to read and carry forward and re-locate the stories he keeps.