Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 41 Sunday Supplement 25 2 2024

an enticing book review from Michael Higgins, live Jazz previewed and reviewed by Trevor Bannister of Jazz In Reading, and we have found a place for poetry and we caran invitation from Claudie, one of our favouirite artists reminding us that ´home is where the art is´! Peter Pearson sets us off with a simple motion and then Norman Warwick ponders his presidential make-over
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Sidetracks and Detours present PASS IT ON 40 Sunday Supplement 18 2 2024

In the album liner notes Darrell Scott says " My wish is for you to slow down for 52 minutes. I believe there is pure beauty here. These songs are perfect examples of song as literature. Ben's songs are timeless. I loved getting right in the middle of these songs and offering my best. These are great songs: period."

sidetracks and detours present PASS IT ON 39 weekly walkabout supplement 11 2 2024

Like all ancient festivals, which are deeply-rooted in the life cycle imposed by nature, the Lanzarote Carnival has, since ancient times, been a way to celebrate the end of winter and, in turn, the end of harvest, the new sowing season and the hope of new springtime fruit.
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Sidetracks & Detours present PASS IT ON 38 weekly walkabout Supplement 4 2 2024

Today we visit many geographical locations and genres of the arts, from poetry to Porstmouth and from Manchester to music.
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A LOVE LETTER: to and from Manchester

These are not just sources of Mancunian pride and bragging rights, these accolades reflect the public image and reputation of the city, support jobs and help attract further investment.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 36 weekend walkabout Supplement 21 1 2024

Critics pointed out that Cecil Sharp and his educated middle class folk music collecting coterie were really purloining the ‘music of the people’
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There were so many musicians and instruments in the group that the jazz world would have called them a Big Band. Like Acatife, reviewed in recent issues of Sidetracks and Detours and PASS IT ON they had perfect control of their diminuendo and crescendo with both voice and instrument.

Sidetracks & Detours present PASS IT ON 34 weekly walkabout Sunday 7th January 2024

Moscow Drug Club, a place where members can ‘have a smoke’, cock-a-snoop at authority, relax in the musical intimacy of its intoxicating atmosphere ‘where the Reds play the blues’.
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Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 32 weekly walkabout Sunday, 24th December 2023

So tonight´s Place For Poetry was in a town square, in the shadow of a Theatre´, lit by fairy lights illuminating the fountain and the wishing well .´