INTRODUCING ARTISTS: highly recommended

Among the half dozen artists mentioned here, recommended by Sidetracks And Detours, or The Lanzarote Art Gallery Arts Space, or by The Adsubian Gallery there might well some of whom you are already aware. However, ´finding´ a new artist is always a lovely feeling, and to find two or three at once is a pure delight, and if by any chance you have learned of six new-to-you artists today, then as Satchmo said to himself,…. ´what a wonderful world !¨  


Lanzarote Art Gallery is an international art gallery representing more than 35 established and emerging contemporary artists. Register now for priority access to leading artists, exhibitions and events. In the r permanent collection there is a large collection of work, painting, sculpture, and photography, national and international. Come and see us or visit our art space


Norman Warwick COMMUNICATING WITH CLAUDIE about art We recently listened to ARTists ARTiculating ART in an article we published on 25th October 2002, that remains in our easy to negotiate archives of more than 750 pieces. Our interviewees…

ARTists ARTiculating ART

The Sidetracks And Detours management team is  eager to fly soon to mainland Spain to see The Adsubian Gallery. which is top of our list of places to visit. We are already enchanted by web site photographs of the gallery and its charming, village setting. The Gallery keeps us informed of their events, from exhibitions to workshops to arts courses

day 5 of our Sidetracks And Detours LS Lowry festival: SALFORD ARTIST DONE GOOD

"If people call me a Sunday painter, I'm a Sunday painter who paints every day of the week." LS Lowry

Day 4 of Sidetracks And Detours´LS Lowry on line Festival to meet MRS LOWRY AND SON.

Artist L. S. Lowry lived with his overbearing mother, Elizabeth, until her death in 1939. Bed-ridden and bitter, Elizabeth tries to dissuade her bachelor son from pursuing his artistic ambitions, while never failing to voice her disappointment in him.

day 3 of the Sidetracks And Detours Lowry Festival: L.S. LOWRY:   GOING TO THE MATCH

We all know the famous artists whose work sells for millions - Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, Pablo Picasso and Jeff Koons (and now Lowry?)  to name but a few. It doesn't take a genius to spot the common denominator - they're all men.

Day Two of the Sidetracks & Detours L S Lowry Festival 2022:THEATRE AGAINST THE SALFORD SKY

As important as The Lowry Theatre has become as a venue for spectacular events, the manner in which they host t hem is also something of which they should feel very proud. I had the privilege of working at The Lowry as a travelling writing facilitator on a couple of occasions and was always well looked after.hem should

day 1 All Things LS Lowry Festival: BOOTS LIKE EMMYLOU´S  + bits & pieces

Don’t miss the rest of our LS Lowry series, starting tomorrow we take a look inside the theatre named after him and continue on Wednesday, when we will be Going To The Match and talking about Damien Hirst on the way. On Thursday we shall watch the film Mrs. Lowry And Son before closing our Festival on Friday by celebrating the arts´s life.