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A NEWS ARTICLE FOR 2023 by Norman Warwick

Close to home for those of us who live here on the island, the Lanzarote Art Gallery continues to recommend some of their artists for us to share with our readers.

Their latest newsletter/press release speaks of Rafael Heredia (left), a creative and non-conformist from a very early age and with an obsessive critical perception. He looks for simple forms of expression where logic and discipline predominate, which are always above his creativity.

An architect, he studied photography, silk-screen printing and printing techniques, practising modelling and carving intensively and continuously.

You can see it, you can feel it, when he enlarges a volume, when he prolongs a line without measure, fleeing from classical symmetry and creating a harmonious but free, new figure. Rafael Heredia´s work has a component of harmony and exquisiteness combined with figures of souls full of mystery.

His works are – making a simile with the deep love that the author feels for classical music – a disconcerting concert.

Rafael Heredia´s figures transmit to the inquisitive spectator a taste for the very action of sculpting, drawing and painting.

Another artist working with The Lanzarote art Gallery is Lucia Calabrino (right) who tells us

I was born in Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied Fine Arts. I have been living in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires for 30 years, where I graduated with a degree in Advertising from the National University of Lomas de Zamora. I have had collective and individual exhibitions since 1982 in Argentina and abroad.

A characteristic of my life as an artist is curiosity. I investigated various experimental techniques: asphalt painting, cyanotype, embroidery on paper, biomaterials, glass, experimental photography techniques, textiles, artist´s book, inks and watercolours. Today I rely on all of them, combining them or not, depending on the meaning of the work.

Another Lanzarote Art Gallery artist, recommended by their Art Space outlet, is the late Modesto Roldán Nerva, 1926-2014.(left)

He once admitted that ´at a young age I was a precocious and astute “voyeur”, always on the look-out for surprising and marvellous scenes.

My feeling that not all of these visions were pure chance only added spice to the situation, in which I might pass briefly from contemplation to fantasy, taking my delight to new heights. These moments are so gratifying that, happily, they have remained in my memory for a lifetime.

We are made of the stuff of dreams according to a great poet and a specialist in dreams. I am not making it up.

These are the sources of the maker. The other threads of creation are random, depending only on chance and need.

I arrived in Paris from Tangiers having fled Spain without a passport, but only after many adventures including a sojourn in prison in Brazil and incarceration in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, a jail I was lucky to leave alive.

Lanzarote Art Gallery is an international art gallery representing over 35 established and emerging contemporary artists.

Register now for priority access to leading artists, exhibitions and events. In our permanent collection we have a large collection of national and international art, painting, sculpture and photography. Come and see us or visit our Art Space.

Lanzarote Art Gallery, Avid Islas Canarias 12 local 18/19 Costs Teguise, Las Palmas 35508 España.

Meanwhile, for our readers in Spain, or who may be visiting Spain in 2023 sidetracks & detours might also lead you to The Adsubian Gallery (see their website).

The Adsubian Gallery on mainland Spain start the new year, with two new courses to enjoy. In truth we have yet to visit this gallery but it is still top on our ever-lengthening lists of places to go, things to see and people to meet.

Why not start the new year learning a new skill or technique? All levels are welcome.

Do you have a friend or family member who would enjoy one of their courses? It´s a great gift idea. Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 January 2023 there is a Workshop Of Clay, Molds and Sculpture On Paper, with the sculptor Teo San José.

Photo Teo Teo San José (left) is an award-winning Spanish sculptor whose works have been exhibited nationally as well as in France, Italy, America and the United Kingdom.

Photo 4 On Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 February 2023, there will be Painting In El Natural with the artist Vicente Pelegero Agustí.(right) The artist was born in Xàtiva, but soon moved to Gandia where he currently lives. He studied Fine Arts in Valencia, at the Polytechnic University, at the Faculty of San Carlos. From childhood, influenced by his father, he was attracted to painting and now makes it his way of life.

Please vivit or call the gallery to make the reservation. (Deposits required) Tel 634 312 826.

Sidetracks And Detours will, of course, continue throughout 2023 to share with our readers any news we receive of visual arts and artists. If you have news you would like us to print on the genre please e-mail me at normanwarwick55@gmail.com.

On air sign background

On air logo Meanwhile, if you like a bit of audio with your visual art, remember that the current jazz broadcast of Hot Biscuits includes some great sounds.

Presented by Steve Bewick (right) , a good friend of these pages, the programme features a live session from Creative Space with self written pieces and arrangements from Richard Iles and Trio. Also included is music from Christine Tobin Musician Page, Yazz Ahmed, Steve Waterman, Isfar Sarabski and a concluding extract of a live recording from their lively new CD, Sleeping Giants from Olivia Moor and Unfurl. If this live selection looks interesting share with our friends and follow Steve 24/07 on Steve Bewick´s Shows /Mixcloud.

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