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With Reggae, Global, Children´s Music, Spoken Word and Comedy all with categories, as well as several sub-divisions for Musical Theatre, Classical and Non-Classical categories ad infinitum until we do come, surely finally, to Best Packaging, this could be an awards ceremony to last longer then the Woodstock Festival.


Several of his novels were adapted into movies, including Dark Of The Sun (1968), about a band of mercenaries hunting for diamonds during the Congo Crisis; Gold (1974), which starred Roger Moore as the general manager of a South African mine; and Shout At The Devil” (1976), with Moore and Lee Marvin, who became a fishing buddy.

it´s got to COME FROM THE HARP

The most important thing for me is truth in music. As Alice Coltrane said: “music has to come from the heart”. That’s the most rewarding thing for an artist. …You do it because your soul needs it. … Searching for the truth, that’s what we’re all doing. This is our ´love supreme´.

ABBA dABBA doo, they´re back !!

ABBA dABBA doo, they´re back !! but Norman Warwick is still not in step In my teenage days I hung with The Hollies and Herman´s Hermits, and Dave Dee and his gang but my chronologically-challenged memory tells me that fell apart when the Swedish sensations changed all that. I had friends who suddenly abandoned all […]