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“If there was a Mount Rushmore in Canada, Gordon would be on it,” the Canadian musician Tom Cochrane said in a 2019 documentary about Mr. Lightfoot, “If You Could Read My Mind.” Geddy Lee, the lead singer of the Canadian rock band Rush, called him “our poet laureate.”

Country a part of AMERICANA family

The daughter of classical musicians, Zonn (right) grew up in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, with a passion for playing the violin. By age ten, she had discovered bluegrass music and competed in her first fiddle contest against fellow Urbana resident Alison Krauss. Now lifelong friends, the two musicians frequently competed and collaborated in their early years.


Manchester Music Festival returns for another season of world-class classical music! Season 49 will see the return of festival-favourite performers, but will also have some fresh faces and new experiences for audiences to enjoy. 


Both ! I grew up in Poland playing in the fields and watched my mother picking camomile or mint and make us a tea or a drink or a sauce. She would sometimes pick nettles and tell us to boil them to give us a beautiful hair. I grew up in a Poland in which we didn´t go running to the shops for everything. If we were hungry my brother and I would dig a carrot out of the earth, clean it up, and eat it raw ! That was our B12, the real thing, not a supplement. A carrot is your vitamin and mineral.

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Welcome to the first edition of WEEKEND WALKABOUT which picks up all the stories we hadn´t found space for on our daily blog. We are also grateful that Steve Cooke will share with us his UK column so that we will always have something to talk about wherever we meet along the sidetracks and detours, all across the arts.