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JANIS JOPLIN; Her Pain And Her Pride

She You’ll find a blueprint for boisterous female rock leads like Liz Phair, the Wilson sisters, Cat Power, Fiona Apple (right) and so on. Janis Joplin’s staying power will never fade away and, at the end of the day, she was just a girl trying to find herself in a world that couldn’t quite hold her style. Little did she know, she was in the right place all along.

Sidetracks And Detours present PASS IT ON 47 Sunday Supplement 7 4 2024

One day last week, when I had been reading a piece about how The Grateful Dead are inspiring rock musicians today, I received an e mail from an old friend. Steve Bewick is a radio presenter of a weekly jazz programme, Hot Biscuits, in the UK. He often carries news we send him of live music events here on the island and as a regular visitor to us knows that we enjoy a plethora of live classical music events here. His e mail included a link to a podcast speaking about how the music of Bach, even today, still influences the current jazz scene.

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MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER Musical Constant Companion on any Norman Warwick playlist I think it was in nineteen ninety that I first met Mary Chapin Carpenter (left) when she was a new star in the annual country and western firmament that shone from Wembley arena in the biggest UK country festival of the year. This particular […]

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FIGHTING TALK: by Norman Warwick Gary Hall, former front-man of The Stormkeepers, and subsequently a song-writer and recording artist at Roundtower remains my go to nomination for best British song writer in his genre of all time. Add to that his magnificent voice and dynamic stage presence and you will realise what made Gary Hall […]