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Larry Yaskiel, who founded one of the oldest English-language publications in Spain, has been awarded a British Empire Medal for services to the British Community in Lanzarote, in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List, published on Thursday 2 June 2022. 

Day 3 of our Lendanear To Song in-print Festival: ACCIDENTS HAPPEN

Another song we recorded on that debut album was Doing The Spacewalk, a sweet little love song of three eight line verses with no bridge and no chorus, but with a compelling, driving guitar riff from Colin. We listened to Helen add her gorgeous vocals and told her how grateful we were as she stepped back out of the booth. We nipped back in and immediately begged Dave to distort the hell out of what we had just heard. He added echo and applied fade and fluffers and tweeters and all manner of stuff, until it sounded like Helen was hearing Colin´s lines from across the universe and was repeating them to a life form we had yet to meet.

THE JUDDS: a tragedy of our times

It seems unbelievable to me that after driving down from Manchester to London (some thirty five to forty years ago) to see The Judds perform their UK debut, that I find when called upon, I cannot recall which theatre that was. What I can recall is that I fell in love with Naomi Judd in the course of a ninety minutes concert. She danced, smiled, blew kisses, and flashed her petticoats but she and daughter Wynonna, driven by the younger´s guitar, created harmonies to the very ´limits of the marvellous´. Both had flaming red hair and both were very attractive with Naomi´s energy and enthusiasm adding to her beauty.