The two days of Thursday 9th and Friday 10th April will include the first  Lanzarote ´streaming festival´ of musicians, and will be called Lanzarotedescasafestival or Lanzarote From Home. The virtual events have been developed to give support and visibility to the musicians of Lanzarote through a format that has become increasingly prevalent at the moment, with online concerts being delivered through outlets such as Instagram Live.

Lanzarote from home is driven by Conciertos Lanzarote and Arenao C&M and has the collaboration of the Cabildo de Lanzarote which, in addition to contributing to the dissemination of this online initiative, is committed to holding an outdoor festival with the groups once the pandemic is has receded and is under control.

The president of the Cabildo de Lanzarote, María Dolores Corujo, has stated that the Lanzarote From Home Festival seems to her an excellent initiative. ´Not only do we bring culture from the island to people who are confined to their homes, but we help promote local artists and creators. In addition, the festival will help give visibility to local companies that have also decided to get involved and help,´ she said.

Alberto Aguiar, left,

The Director of Culture of the Corporation, Alberto Aguiar, has also expressed his support, saying. ´this festival also helps keep small businesses active in the local cultural industry active.´

Lanzarote From Home aims to sustain our arts and culture offer through music intended to brighten the lives of all those people who, despite being confined to their homes, are making a great effort to fight against the spread of coronavirus. Concerts Lanzarote and Arenao C & M, however, have joined The Cabildo to bring into being something more just an online festival. They are confident the result will be a wonderful advertisement for, and a great reminder of, our arts and culture delivered by a diversity of artists who rarely perform under the same umbrella. The Festival attaches no labels and accepts no stereotypes, but instead welcomes all musical styles.


We will therefore enjoy the participation of Maru Cabrera, Beni Ferrer, Sur, Ginés and Miguel Cedrés, Cami Myles de Zombie Love, Guatatiboa, I no longer love you, Barrabass Sound, Sentimiento con arte, Rudozz, LANAVE, Reciclaje, Kardomillo, Maxi Ferrer., has been confirmed. Both days will include 2 sessions, one beginning at  noon and one in the evening. The schedules of the performances will be reported on the social networks of the festival from this Monday, April 6. It should be noted that the concerts will be streamed live from each artist’s Instagram accounts and will last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Lanzarote From Home carries the approval of the El Almacén Cultural Factory, as both Concerts Lanzarote and MINN Graphic Design Studio, who are creating the brand and image of the festival, share workspace as entrepreneurs in the nursery of companies coordinating the Chamber of Commerce and the Cabildo of Lanzarote. This is another example of strong synergies that can be created when talent and the desire to do something original come together and give added value to both artist and artisan. In this adventure, Arenao C&M came on board very early in the proceedings  and are hugely enthusiastic about trying to make this particular idea something very special by contributing their experience as show organizers.

´The spirit of this festival is that it be everyone’s. it will hold a sign that has never been seen and will transmit the notion of union. We tried to invite the maximum participation of groups, musicians and singers. Even those who, for technical reasons have not been able to participate, were excited by the project and willingly lent a hand to get it going. This filled us with joy and gave us the engine to continue,´ is the loud, proud and  clear message from Concerts Lanzarote.

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