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childrens books : by  MARY CHAPIN CARPENTER


recommended by Norman Warwick

In the age of miracles, songs become stories, the stories become children´s books and memories are preserved.


In her second childrens book project, internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter captures the momentous night in 1910 when a father held his baby in his arms as Halleys Comet streaked across the Jackson skyline. Inspired by renowned author, Eudora Welty, and her stories of growing up in Mississippi, Ms. Carpenter´s words celebrate the special love shared between a father and a daughter and how lifes magical moments remain with us throughout our lives. Like an old tattered scrapbook overflowing with remembrances of days past, this touching story and Dan Andreasens stunning illustrations stand as a timeless tribute to the beauty of life´s memories and that night so long ago when Halley´s comet soared through the sky. This description may be from another edition of this product. 

The concept of turning songs into short stories or books has been too long  neglected. Plenty of authors ´borrow´ song titles for novels that have nothing to do with the book other than the wording of the title. Such was the case with Things To Do In Denver When You´re Dead. The idea is becoming more popular now and other songwriters are following suit.


Internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter Mary Chapin Carpenter extends her many talents to children’s books with this gentle bedtime story. A goodnight kiss sends a little girl sailing off to a magical world where children from around the world come to follow their dreams. An enchanting journey through the stars and down the Milky Way ends snugly and safely back in bed. Julia Noonan’s soft and captivating illustrations perfectly capture that special place where dreams can come true.

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