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The Essential Ewan MacColl:

Songbook by Ewan MacColl

recommended by Norman Warwick

With our historian Michael Higgins currently preparing an essay on the history of British Folk Music it has felt serendipitous for Sidetracks And Detours to have followed the increasingly high profile of English Folk Exposition and the spotlight that has lit, ever more brightly, the acts, contemporary and traditional, and the events too, who have stood in that spotlight. It was very interesting recently when I learned of a new book about some of that music.

Best known as author of the song First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, Ewan MacColl played a vital role in the “folk song revival” in Britain. Over 200 of his songs are included in this unique collection, compiled by Peggy Seeger, his companion for over three decades.

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Type                Paperback

published        October 1, 2001

Title                 The Essential Ewan MacColl Songbook

Author             Ewan MacColl

Language        English

James Henry Miller, better known by his stage name Ewan MacColl, was a folk singer songwriter, folk song collector, labour activist and actor, born in England of Scottish parents. He is known as one of the instigators of the 1960s folk revival as well as writing such songs as The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and Dirty Old Town.

MacColl collected hundreds of traditional folk songs, including the version of Scarborough Fair later popularised by Simon & Garfunkel, and released dozens of albums with A.L. Lloyd, Peggy Seeger and others, mostly of traditional folk songs. He also wrote many left-wing political songs, remaining a steadfast communist throughout his life and engaging in political activism.

This book is currently available at Good Reads on line. They have a stock of books by or about songwriters that is well worth checking out at .


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