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Since she began her career at just 20 years old, Maika Makovski (left) has not stopped surprising with each album she releases, and she already has 8 under her belt. The last one, «MKMK«, was released in 2021 and was a real success with the public and critics, being included in practically all the lists of the best of the year (winner at the MIN and + Música awards for «Best Rock album» ) Following in the wake of that acclaimed work, the composer now releases ‘Bunch of little burdens’, a raw song in which she talks to us about the thousands of small burdens of being alive. Powerful guitars, an energetic piano and Maika’s unmistakable voice star in this new song that is part of a double single, in 7-inch format, of which she will soon reveal the other side of herself.

manes musicians

Melenas were born in 2016 as part of the effervescent Pamplona music scene and quickly became, with their reverb core style, one of the bands that has caused the most talk on the national and international indie pop scene. Melenas’ songs, with guitars, synthesizers and voices wrapped in reverb, are a display of timeless pop with its own style, fresh and at the same time traditional: bright melodies, fresh bass lines, vibrant keyboards and kraut drums are adorned with crackling phasers and are wrapped in heavenly vocal harmonies. The Feelies, Stereolab or the fiercest sound of the C86 resonate in songs with lyrics for sensitive hearts. In 2021 they published Osa Polar, the acclaimed version of the classic 80s hit Eisbaer by Grauzone. Both this and the promising previews of their third album continue to expand the band’s sonic palette, with a new richness of textures, through analog keyboards and electronic vibrations, always maintaining their love for pop as the protagonist. Melenas arrives at the Canari Festival to present her new album “Now”

Their concerts are sweaty pills of post-millennial courage, with a formula that combines the lo-fi self-confidence of The Monks, the guitar vertigo of Jonathan Richman, the smoked psychedelia of The 13th Floor Elevators and the new garage wave of bands like Strange Boys or Black Lips. With this hilarious live show and a handful of hits, The Parrots managed to invade a large part of the international scene, performing throughout Europe and the United States. Then came their debut, the intrepid “Los Ninos Sin Miedo” (2016), an album produced by Paco Loco and released by Heavenly Recordings, label of The Horrors, Temples and King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard. His reinterpretation of Bad Bunny’s ‘Soy Peor’, turning it into a Caribbean-garage hit,

Adora is a duo formed by Fran Sylver and Romi Alter. Both from Gran Canaria, they met by chance in London. Their music is characterized by incorporating vintage influences with some more modern ones, as well as its mix of rock, pop, disco, electronic and Latin rhythms. One of their strongest points are their live shows, which are like a roller coaster that goes through rhythm sections with bongos, guitar solos, pop star dance breaks, electronic drops to get everyone dancing, and further. Always making it clear how good they are at putting on a good show, and reiterating what kind of artists they are. After 3 years developing their career in the United Kingdom, they are now committed to strengthening ties between Spain and the UK by releasing music in Spanglish,

Zurych was born in Madrid as a result of the creative concerns of Carlos Ortega who was quickly recruited by the record company “El Pescador de Estrellas” with which he recorded Last Call at Estudios Néptar. Around 2007, the transformation of a personal project into a band began to take shape; five musicians from different generations of the Conejera music scene met to complete the formation. They debuted live in 2007 and toured the peninsula, ending in San Isidro in Madrid before thousands of people. Already in 2010 they published their third and last album to date, which led them to the peak of their career. The tour corresponding to the album “From the ashes” took them to important venues such as Scala in London, Primavera Sound or Womad,

Recedntly, on these pages, I offered a brief preview of the forthcoming  Canari Festrival, which places musical concerts alongside other festival events such as wine-tasting events and fine dining attractions. The truth is, although I have purchased two tickets so Dee and I can attend one of the days events, I´m not much wiser about times, seating e of even which act (s) we might be seeing and at that time(s).

The headline act is The Divine Comedy, who enjoyed critical acclaim, a loyal niche following that follows them to this day and a brief commercial success in the UK  in the ninetiesç. There are three other act taking part in the festival, which is to be held over four days, with each day being at a separate location,

Just because dee and I are part of the baby boomer gneratioin it should not be assumed by readers that we saw The beatles at Dhe Stadium, and we were notpart of the half a million strong who arrived at Woodstock. Blame it on the mud, mud, glorious mud but we never went to Glastonbry either. So, we don´t really know how a festival work.

Apart for the dates of the four festival days at the Lanzarote locations, the Canari web site from where we bought ourt tickets gives no further information about whether we will see, one, two, three, four, five ort all six of the listed bands performing.

If we do, will that be one long. procedural concerty with one band following the other until The Divine Comedy perform. And what time might that be,……will be home in time to fee the cats, and have our cocoa before we go to bed?

The blurb on the web site promises´the  xperiences are part of the philosophy of Festivals Para Un Territorio. This is the ideal way to discover the richness of each area. These activities link the public with the natural, cultural and landscape heritage in a didactic and sensory way. 

Acoustic tastings, wine activities, routes… there is a wide range to make the experience in Canari unbeatable.

Of the gastronomic delights we are told that we will enjoy an experience full of the the flavour of Lanzarote to seduce our senses. The wine tastings that have been prepared, along with the best local gastronomy, come together so that we can taste all the flavours of our territories. A unique environment, accompanied by the best music, so that Canari becomes your favorite festival.

We know that the organisers already promote a very successful annual summer festical on La Geria, but of this autumnal imaugural event they say The essence of Canari extends throughout the entire archipelago. It is its landscapes, the volcanic land, its wild beaches, but it is also imbued with the character of its people, their lifestyle, their accent and a local gastronomy full of flavor and authenticity. 

The first edition of Canari will focus on two islands: Lanzarote and La Graciosa. Between vineyards and volcanoes, we will enjoy unique experiences, concerts in natural landscapes and activities linked to heritage to get to know and enjoy the territory from a cultural and sustainable perspective .

They beckon with their hands, and call   ´Hedonists, welcome to the perfect plan¨ I´ve not been called a hedonist for over forty five years, and if I ever was one, I´m not sure what I did to deserve being called one.

And we are assured that more information about timetables etc will be made available on line shortly, so keep your search engine honed in on

What we can tell you is that our one day tickets are for the events taking place at The Castillo de San José is located in Puerto Nao, a strategic enclave in the bay of Arrecife. Known as the “Fortress of Hunger”, it was built under the reign of Charles III for defensive purposes on the island of Lanzarote. 

Two centuries later, César Manrique directed its conditioning to house the International Museum of Contemporary Art, MIAC, establishing itself as the first contemporary art museum in the Canary Islands. 

In December 1976, the MIAC International Museum of Contemporary Art was inaugurated , and since then it has offered visitors an outstanding collection of international, national and Canarian artists, a program of temporary exhibitions and cultural activities. The museum is complemented by a spectacular restaurant with stunning views of the bay offered by the building’s semicircular glass construction.

The Castillo de San José, (left) recognized as an Asset of Cultural Interest and Historical Heritage of Spain, houses the headquarters of the MIAC, International Museum of Contemporary Art on the island of Lanzarote. 

In the upper room of the Castle is located the MIAC Collection , which consists of important pieces by international painters and sculptors such as Tápies, Guerrero, Torner, Zóbel, Sempere, Gordillo, Rivera or Le Parc. Below is the Canarian Artists room, made up of Óscar Dominguez, César Manrique, José Dámaso, Cristino de Vera, María Belén Morales and Manuel Millares. Finally, the Pancho Lasso room , a space in honor of the rabbit sculptor that brings together some of the most emblematic works of his artistic career, which began in the nineteen thirties. So, check on line for details as they unfold, check out

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