From Jaws to Star Wars

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From the triumphant “Main Title” in Star Wars to the ominous bass line of Jaws, John Williams (left) has penned some of the most unforgettable film scores-while netting more than fifty Academy Award nominations. This updated and revised edition of Emilio Audissino’s ground-breaking volume takes stock of Williams’s creative process and achievements in music composition, including the most recent sequels in the film franchises that made him famous. Audissino discusses Williams’s unique approach to writing by examining his neoclassical style in context, demonstrating how he revived and revised classical Hollywood music. This volume details Williams’s lasting impact on the industry and cements his legacy as one of the most important composers in movie history. A must for fans and film-music lovers alike.


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The Film Music Of John Williams                      Title

Emilio Audissino                                                   Author

$24.95  $23.20                                                        Price      

University of Wisconsin Press                              Publisher  

July 06, 2021                                                date published

376                                                                          pages

English                                                                   Language

Type                                                                        Paperback

EAN/UPC                                                      9780299332341

Emilio Audissino (below) is a senior lecturer in audio-visual production at Linnaeus University. He is the author of Film/Music Analysis: A Film Studies Approach.

He has described himself on line as I am an author, film-maker, screenwriter, and film academic. With a specialism in film analysis and screenwriting, and two PhDs in Film History and Theory, I can say I’m a veritable “script doctor.” I published extensively on Hollywood cinema, horror, comedy, and film music, and I’m renowned world-wide as the pioneering scholar who wrote the first English book on composer John Williams – John Williams’s Film Music (2014).

As a film-maker and screenwriter I have worked in production companies in Milan, Italy, and as a freelancer for documentaries and commercials. I wrote and directed the fiction shorts Davanti al mare [At Sea] (2004), La Dolce Eleonora e L’amaro Calice [Sweet Eleonora and the Bitter Cup] (2007) and Yoshiwara Club (2008), a horror extravaganza that was selected for the 61st edition of the “Cannes Film Festival”, and was screened at other festivals such as the “Genoa Film Festival” (Genoa, Italy), the “TOHORROR Film Festival” (Turin, Italy), the “Joe D’Amato Horror Film Festival” (Lucca, Italy), the “ShockerFest” (Modesto, CA, USA) and the “Spooky Movie Festival” (Washington DC, USA). As a screenwriter, I’m currently working on the development of the European comedy/drama TV series Blu Riviera.

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