a capital A for Art in August 2022 at the Adsubian Gallery and Lanzarote Art Gallery

a capital A for Art in August 2022

at the Adsubian Gallery and Lanzarote Art Gallery

from Norman Warwick

Because Sidetracks And Detours aim to keep readers informed of all interesting developments on the visual arts scene, we are delighted to bring you news of a couple of artists that many of our readers already know and love. We´re confident, though, that when reading this article residents here on the island, and perhaps holiday makers too might also discover new works and  ideas at The Lanzarote Art Gallery at both The Lanzarote Art Gallery (LAG) itself and its virtual gallery on the web site.

We´ll just take a quick look around our home base here on Lanzarote first to speak of artist Modesto Roldán Nerva.(left)

Speaking now as an established and exhibited artist Modesto now admits mischievously that he remembers that, at a younger age he was as a precocious and cunning “voyeur”, always on the lookout for these amazing and wonderful scenes.

Fleeing Spain, where I was denied a passport, and after many vicissitudes including the passage through a prison in Brazil and another in Santa Cruz de Tenerife from which I miraculously came out alive, I arrived in Paris coming from Tangier. France in general, and Paris in particular, were for me and still are, my most beloved homeland. That culture, those people exactly matched my desires. For a young man in his early 20s who had read, in translations, a good part of the French classics, including Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Zola, Maupassant, Flaubert etc., that was the dream world from the darkness of national-Catholicism that in those times suffocated Spain.

This month, Lanzarote Art Gallery also introduce us to Arnaudon Fabio (right), who earned his degree at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Madrid. He then worked as a professor of painting and drawing from 1987 to 1988 until his first major exhibition in Germany in 1989.

One of his works appears on the cover of the prestigious Financial Times Telecom magazine. In 2003 he was invited to participate in the exhibition commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Constitution at the Museum of the Royal Mint and a year later Correos launched the issuance of a philatelic series with the motif “Women and reading”, using works by the painter.

The Ulster Museum in Ireland has acquired one of his works for its collection and the artist is regularly invited to participate in symposia and workshops in Europe, Asia, the Emirates, etc. alongside other leading international artists

These are two artists about whom you can find out much more at the Gallery´s web site.

It is also recommended by the LAG that we look out, too. for Susana  Pannullo (left), who is Argentina  with indigenous and Italian roots, She was born in Buenos Aires but currently resides in Madrid. She studied at the National School of Fine Arts, Argentina, at the Sívori Museum in Buenos Aires and at the University of Morón, Buenos Aires. Her work has been exhibited in different art fairs and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Mexico and the USA. The work is spiritual in its context, but it is somehow literature and it is also somehow music. Susans´s work is a liberating river that advances from deep in her soul wanting to make its way in the middle of a world devoid of artistic interests.

The symbolism of the colours, which along the path of life underlie Susana´s  interior are manifested in all her paintings in a dreamlike way, highlighting in her material a bold and unbridled struggle for life, those disordered passions, that heart-breaking energy that runs incessantly and does not stop, the passionate red,  the black the difficulty, and the white the longed-for silence of infinite peace, the grays, the previous step to the light!  !

Lanzarote Art Gallery is an international art gallery representing more than 35 established and emerging contemporary artists. You can register now for priority access to leading artists, exhibitions and events. In The Lanzarote Art Gallery´s permanent collection they have a large collection of work, painting, sculpture, and photography, national and international. Go and see them  or visit their art space. After exploring their virtual gallery yon can then visit to see the real thing at The Lanzarote Art Gallery in Costa Teguise..





neighbours of The Adsubian Gallery

The building harbouring The Adsubian Gallery, over on main land Spain has been built in place of an old olive pressing facility which laid against a great typical rocky mauresque wall of the XVII century. The gallery offers 4 areas for exhibitions from 35 to 70m2 on 3 levels, two terraces, one being 70m2 and the other 50m2. The largest one allowing The Adsubian Gallery to exhibit art that can sustain external conditions and welcome guest during openings.

The design of the building respects the local architectural spirit with a modern twist (cortene steel balconies, wide windows…) its interior is based on raw cement some of it painted in white under a red steel supporting structure, steel staircases and zenithal lighting using light wells made out of glass.

This architecture therefore has the purpose of helping the visitor travel from a down-to-earth state of mind to an open minded journey where the imagination is stimulated by the art

.The Adsubian Gallery (spain) nieghbours around two hundred houses in a small village between the sea and the mountains. There is a main street descending towards the old wash-house that can be observed from the terrace of the gallery. There are restanques covered with orange trees. There are eight-hundred villagers, and among them are artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, musicians and comedians. The area and its residents enjoy a cultural life driven by professors, journalists, an historian, writers…

Originally populated by majorquin families, the village has seen an arrival of newcomers in the nineteen seventies who immediately fell in love with the place. They come from various European countries and decided to buy a house for their holidays or to live there year-round.

About 50 houses belong to ´Adsubians at heart´ from: Germany, England, Belgium, France, Holland and Italy … they take part in the village lifestyle, joining its celebrations and customs to perpetuate the « l’adsubian way of life ».

Following the great success of their recent painting workshop courses, The Adsubian Gallery has asked us to inform you of how delighted they are to offer two new courses for the month of August 2022.

Please note that the July courses were specially priced as an introduction, and the full price of 60 euros per course applies for August.

On Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 AUGUST 2022 Artist professor FEDERICO ROMAGUERA will deliver a course on the subject of The Human Body.

Sunday 21st also shows  AUGUST – EXHIBITION OF THE WORKS OF THE STUDENTS FROM 18.15h An opportunity for friends and family to see the works of art of the students. All welcome

Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 AUGUST 2022 Artist professor VICENTE PELEGERO AGUSTÍ – Landscapes

Sunday 28 AUGUST -EXHIBITION OF THE WORKS OF THE STUDENTS FROM 18.15h An opportunity for friends and family to see the works of art of the students. All welcome

Each course 2 days, the hours every day 9.00 – 18.00 There will be a break of one hour.

60 euros each course – please visit or call the gallery to make the reservation A deposit of 30 euros each course is required The canvas will be included. Students who bring their own paint and brushes.

There can be only a maximum of ten students per course Pelegero Agustí, Vicent. He was born in 1971, in Xàtiva, but very soon moved to Gandia where he currently lives. He studied Fine Arts in Valencia, at the Polytechnic University, at the Faculty of San Carlos. Since childhood, influenced by his father, he is attracted to painting and makes it his way of life. He works outdoors, like the famous painters of the Valencia school. Solo exhibitions since 1996 in Spain and UUEE. Vicent has received numerous awards.

You can find full details of the artist´s previous exhibitions and collections and all about The Adsubian Gallery and its surroundings on mainland Spain at The Gallery´s excellent web site.

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