When LANZAROTE went National Geographic

When LANZAROTE went National Geographic

by Norman Warwick

Present at a special mass held in Augus,t to bid farewell to a priest moving on to pastures news, mass were the mayor of Arrecife, Ástrid Pérez, the president of the Island Council, Maria Dolores Corujo, the councillor for Celebrations, Alfredo Mendoza, councillors of the corporation and distinguished military authorities.

The parish priest of Arrecife, Miguel Hernández was “grateful to the City Council of Arrecife and to the citizens, for the collaboration shown throughout all these years, and urged the authorities to work to continue improving the Capital.”

“It is fair to acknowledge the sacrifice and dedication that the pastor of Arrecife, Miguel Hernández, has given us for more than a decade. His willingness to help and be with the most disadvantaged deserves our recognition”, highlighted the Councillor for Celebrations, Alfredo Mendoza.

For her part, the Mayor of Arrecife, Ástrid Pérez, thanked Don Miguel Hernández for his years of stay among the reefs, and for his discreet work alongside those who suffer the most, giving an example of true solidarity.

Also in August, Lanzarote appeared again in the National Geographic magazine, in an extensive photographic report that, under the title of ‘The Rubicón coast and the epic beaches of southern Lanzarote’, covers six unique corners of the island such as the town of Yaiza, the Papagayo beach, Charco de los Ciclos, El Golfo, Los Hervideros and finally, Las Salinas de Janubio.

The president of the Cabildo, María Dolores Corujo, (shown on our cover top picture) highlighted the opportunity that this report represents to “promote the island as a sustainable tourist destination, which offers a unique and different landscape.”

For his part, the Minister of Tourism Promotion, Ángel Vázquez, affirms that “this article positions the island as a Premium destination, fleeing from massive influxes, and improves the island’s competitiveness compared to other destinations by adapting communication and promotional activity to the current demand of the tourist “.

Both highlight the fact that this publication coincides with a strategic moment for Lanzarote tourism, given the progressive reopening of international travel after the pandemic and with the prospect of the winter market, which begins in September.

On this occasion, National Geographic, offers a tour of places in the south of Lanzarote, from the Janubio salt flats to Papagayo and highlights that Lanzarote is more than just a great destination for sun in winter, by offering spring temperatures throughout the year, but which also allows you to enjoy beautiful sandy beaches, impressive landscapes, delicious cuisine, outdoor activities and centers for art and culture lovers.

The report highlights the volcanic beauty of Lanzarote, its privileged landscapes and picturesque corners, as well as its exquisite cuisine and valued wines, to make it a visit that no one wants to miss.

Lanzarote is an island appreciated by photographers to show off their best snapshots, so we can not only find the island in this publication, but in others such as the famous fashion magazine Elle.

Meanwhile my Sidetracks And Detours offices recently received a message from publicists  at The Adsubian Gallery, based in Alicante on the mainland https://www.adsubian-gallery.com

These friends of my daily Sidetracks And Detours blog have also featured in one of my  recent weekly pieces here for Lanzarote Information, where my report on a collection the Gallery exhibited by Paco Chika remains in the archives.

On Saturday September 4th 2021 they held a special opening of an exhibition of drawings, Surrealistos, by respected artist Toni Ortola (right) . The artist spoke eloquently and passionately about his work, reiterating some of the points he makes on his own website.

´I am a man of few words. Whether in a conversation or in a text I have never been able to order my thoughts in such a way that words would be a logical exposition of what I want to express. On the other hand, I am a man of many drawings.

To me, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” makes sense and so it is is that, through my drawings I have found the tool that allows me to express myself and tell all those things that I have inside me.

Criticize fiercely but also praise, tell stories and even fall in love. I have always felt very comfortable with drawing, so much so that I have managed to make it my job. What is drawing? A language´.

Toni was then invited to make a draw from the ´names ín a hat´ of all those who had visited the gallery for the opening

For more information, visit the splendid website: www.adsubian-gallery.com C / Principal 10A – 03786 L’Atzuvia – Phone: +34 634312826 Opening days : Saturday: 10 -13:00 and 17-20:00 Tuesday to Friday.

Note that mandatory covid procedures still in place are to be respected by visitors to the gallery but a warm welcome is ensured.

Lovers of the visual arts might also like to know that The Lanzarote Art Gallery and its proprietor, Eduardo Fariña, host an  online exhibition hall thatrecreates the experience of physical space. From the armchair of your house you can buy art, see prices and also what the artists think of their works, along with the opinions of art critics. In fact, you cansee all the details of the gallery in a 3D virtual space

De Otras Mundos
new exhibition by Nuira de pino

Art has been one of the latest markets to make the leap into the digital world, but more and more people are visiting art galleries online. An art gallery is a space for the exhibition of visual art; paintings are the most commonly displayed art objects.

This new project generated by Eduardo Fariña and Lanzarote Art Gallery in order to provide an online promotion platform to artists of different nationalities, aims to reach buyers, art lovers and collectors

For any management they are at your disposal through the phones +34696426802 +34928229369 Schedule L to V 11:30 to 14:00 and 17:30 to 20:30 hours And on the web http://lanzaroteartgallery.com

The Lanzarote Art Gallery last week launched an exhibition by Nuira de Pino, called De Otros Mundos, (above) previewed previously on these pages in a post called How Jazz Informs Poetry on 20th September. We know that a real visit to The Lanzarote Art Gallery is always interesting and rewarding but we share Eduardo´s excitement about this new on-line development.

Sidetracks & Detours feel perfectly secure in saying that whether you visit The Lanzarote Art Gallery in person, or its website, you will have a a great time as you wander round.

The prime source for this article was a piece published in Lancelot Digital News.

In our occasional re-postings Sidetracks And Detours are confident that we are not only sharing with our readers excellent articles written by experts but are also pointing to informed and informative sites readers will re-visit time and again. Of course, we feel sure our readers will also return to our daily not-for-profit knowing that we seek to provide core original material whilst sometimes spotlighting the best pieces from elsewhere, as we engage with genres and practitioners along all the sidetracks & detours we take.

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