Steve Bewick speaks to artist Buli Corby NOT A MAINSTREAM PERSON

Steve Bewick speaks to artist Buli Corby


Whilst mentoring me, and many others, in her arts group Buli Corby has frequently mentioned her time as a scientist and how this has influenced her art work. I had to ask Buli how this had come about. Was she always an artist, I wondered, or did this start at a later stage in life?”

Buli Corby

´I’m not a mainstream person,´ she replied. ¨I have strong ideas of my own. I am creative in many fields and all my past work experiences have had a connection with creativity. I was the “creative wing” in developing scientific courses in the Open University of Israel. I also developed computer games, an interactive “talking doll” and other products.

I started painting at the age of four. From the age of ten I attended evening classes for art. I then started painting more intensively, after moving to England, where I never managed to find a job.´

In school I was drawn only to science but very soon science was reflected in my paintings. I starting with natural subjects like drawing different stages of seedlings, from seed to flowers until ending up with moving clouds.

In a later stage, when I was working with a mass spectrophotometer, I discovered the beauty of pure saturated colour, the rainbow colours, and decided to stick with them. From that moment on, my painting had a Fauvism-like pallet.

In my second degree I was introduced to the graphic representation of time and space following Einstein’s theory of relativity.

This led me to distort freely my painting subjects, up to topology levels.

“How can people see your artwork?” I asked

Readers can see all my paintings in the following link for face-book. I keep this catalogue up to date as often as I can.

Buli Corby
an example of her work

As you are well aware, I will soon be undertaking a joint exhibition with you, Steve Bewick, Jazz Broadcaster, when you exhibit a variety of sketches and digital art work which you have recently been developing. I find some of these recent ideas very exciting, so I am looking forward to the exhibition which takes place at The Coachouse, Lodge Street, Littleborough. Lancashire. ENGLAND OL15 9AE

It is scheduled for opening on the 1st August and runs throughout the month to the 30th. Further Information can be found at www.littleboroughcoachhouse.org

Ed´s notes: At the time of going to post this article, Britain has just joined another 20% of a world in lockdown. With the arts left hanging in closed and empty galleries, Steve tells me that he is fervently hoping that what promises to be an interesting and eclectic exhibition will be able to go ahead. He and other colleagues from ´the UK head office´ of all across the arts are well aware of how, like every other sector of life as we knew it, the arts are being so badly hit by the virus that is turning the world into a scary real life version of the old film, Outbreak, that starred Dustin Hoffman.

We have had to decide at all across the arts here on Lanzarote, which closed down two weeks before the United Kingdom, whether it is in any way appropriate to be carrying arts pages in times that speak of survival rather than celebration. I had a chat with Miguel, who runs an on line site called Lanzarote Information that offers me a weekly platform to deliver news, previews, interviews and reviews all across the arts, just as we do here on our own Sidetracks and Detours blog, He and I decided that in times when people are confined to barracks and there are no platforms from which artists can demonstrtate their skills and therefore no ´live´arts with which our readers can engage, continuing with as normal a service as possible might at least be a bridge between worlds currently in dis-connect.

That reminds me to say, in closing today´s post, that there is a virtual world of incredible arts and music that has blossomed like darling buds recently and if you are of a generation not as familair with the technology as are younger people, why not take this opportunity to press a couple of keys you wouldn´t normally press? Even from here on Sidetracks and Detours you can end up looking at the work of artists like Buli, or listening to Maximum Ensemble, (recently reviewed here) on the soundcloud. In some quiet moments over the last few days I have reminded myself whilst browsing of how much I love the music of The Staves and I have finally heard the music of a band I have been meaning to hear for a year or two now. Check out First Aid Kit !

Finally, I want to thank all the various contributors throughout our diaspora, such as Graham Marshall, who are keeping us updated when information about the arts is a t a premium. In return, we can occasionally put the spotlight on them too, so see the article above by Steve Bewick, and the art work below by Steve Bewick and put a reminder on your calendar for when the light go on again at The Coach House In Rochdale you might just drop in to look at the shared exhibition between Buli Corby and our favourite radio presenter !

Project Winter Sea
by Steve Bewick
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