JEFF BALLARD, JAZZ MAN, talks of before and after

Jeff Ballard , jazz man, is a drummer, bandleader, educator, and intrepid spirit and here talks of the before and after of the music he loves.
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Haydn´s work serves as a meditation on the gravity of tragedy, as well as on the possibilities of hope and redemption. It is music of great weight as well as great transparency, coupling profound directness of affect with ennobling humility´.

THE LAST CHANCE; are we going to take it?

He wrote what was, before its time, classic Americana, but he wrote country and r &b too, and just in case you don´t know it yet he not only wrote Wild Thing for Jim Hendrix, and for The Troggs, but also wrote Angel of the Morning, a round the world radio hit for the likes of Juice Newton. Son Of A Rotten Gambler which artists of the calibre of Anne Murray recorded.

YOUNG (and old) v SPOTIFY: elimination fight.

Rogan’s podcast has repeatedly faced backlash for sharing misinformation concerning the Covid-19 vaccine; other recent statements of concern include an open letter from 270 medical professionals calling on Spotify to de-platform Rogan after having Dr. Robert Malone, who has been criticized for making baseless anti-vaccination claims, as a guest.


Record stores are caught up in a time warp. In an earlier day, they aggressively marketed new music, but now they make more money from vinyl reissues and used LPs.´

Two Out Of Three Ain´t Bad, BUT MEAT LOAF WAS 100%

Meat Loaf turned rock records that were really opera into soap operas with the kind of comedy Coronation Street can create out of drama.


German Lopez, timplista, is certainly up there with the best and is already creating work for posterity.

a graceful glide with ORQUESTA de CAMARA de PARIS

What I remembered on the way home was how quickly the music escaped; as quickly as I became used to one particular ´riff´ it was replaced quickly by another that then seemed to disappear ion the same. Then as I smiled at what I was thinking to be a brand new refrain, it became thrillingly familiar for a few bars and drifted off into the ether again.


Baz was just the loveliest guy: funny and generous. Barry (left) had worked with everybody and everybody he worked with liked him. I shall miss his happy company so much, and his regular phone calls – he gave you a gem of a joke with each one.’


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