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Ángeles Portana (left) was born to be an artist. Like a tree, she grew up with roots within a family of great masters, whose works are in great museums such as the Prada Museum.Ángeles has participated in multiple exhibitions in Spain. She has achieved recognition of professional prestige, Gold Medal, Europe Forum 2001 in Madrid, and her works have sold in many countries U.S.A., France andGermany

CHUCK BERRY duck-walks along our new bookshelf

While celebrating Chuck Berry´s accomplishments, the book also does not shy away from troubling aspects of his public and private life, asking profound questions about how and why we separate the art from the artist.


Beck rarely, if ever, used a pick. He’d strum with his thumb and index almost immortally, as if the heavens touched his hands in a way the rest of us will never experience. 50 years have passed and all of Beck’s creative ticks and tricks are still indescribable.

the road to nowhere,… or TO EVRYWHERE?

If your read the recent text of a speech made by The President of Lanzarote about the way ahead for the tourism of the island, I think you will find she made some serious reflections on how her country might survive the prospective surge in tourist numbers that are already suffocating some of the island. However, The Daily Mail have been accused of editorialising her words, surely knowing their own interpretation would mean different things to different people, some of whom would read The Daily Mail story and feel as though Dolores Corujo had delivered a slap to the face of our tourist industry whilst others might just read the piece as a show of support to all sectors of our economy, including tourism.